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135 Color Negative Film

    From January 2004,we pushed a new generation of color print film into market. This product inherits three new patent technologies which developed by Ferrania Imaging Technolo-gies;Structured Homogeneous Crystal™(SHC™)and Ultra Thin Layers™(UTL™),through changing the construction of deferent silver halide crystal chip to optimized the thickess of film,this has increased the spectral sensitivity and excellent exposure latitude greatly while maintaining very fine grain.You can have finer grain and sharper image in the range of - 2 to +4 stops even when use in an inexpensive camera at less than optimal settings;The technology of Accurate Colors™(AC™) is specially developed to increase the reproduction of color in filmm by Ferrania Imaging Technologies, it truly reproduce colors of skin, sky,ocean,different gray and grass,in the same time,it remarkably improve the loss of color being using flash-light,or using tungstenlamp/fluorescence light,this has made the film to be applied in any different circumstances of late night,dawn,beach,snow scene

    The quality of new product has improved remarkably on the base of maintaining its original excellent quality due to use the above mentionednew technologies.


Processing and Printing:

    SUNNY series products are intended for various process C-41 cycles and chemicals processing machines. Its printing channel is same as Kodak Gold 100 and Fuji Supear. To ensure optimum color negative quality,the process should be monitored care-fully using C-41 process control strips.

Before processing:

    Always store unexposed or exposed films in a cool, dry place in moisture-proof containers, as all color films are sensi-tive to heat,humidity and fumes emitted from chemicals. In hot humid climates or for long term storage,keep the films in a moisture-proof container at 10°C/50°F or lower. 

● Do not open the original sealed container until just before using the film.

● Use film before the expiration date printed on the box. 

● Avoid leaving a partially exposed film in the camera for a long period of time

● Process the film promptly after exposure to avoid any image deterioration.

● Avoid storing unpacked film or loaded cameras in high humidity conditions or where the emission of exhaust gases and formaldehyde fumes may occur, as these are very harmful to photographic films (aldehyde fumes are often emitted from new furniture wood glues, laminate adhesive, foam insulation, sprays, etc.