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Graphic Arts Film     

HR-633/670 graphic arts film is 0.1mm/4mil thick, per-manent antistatic,  optimum dimensional stability,glossy surface of polyester film base. Wavelength from 633-650and 670 nanometers.  

     High speed, optimum line art and text with low UV D min.Comply with all red laser systems both Helium Neon (HN)and Red Laser Diode,with high practical density (4.50 O.D to5.00 O.D.),neutral base transparency,permanent anti-static base material,wide exposure latitude,sharp words and image stability, high consistency,compatible with the most common Rapid Access chemistries on the market, officially qualified by main OEM'S.

Safelight Recommendation:
     Handle HR Film in a dark-green safelight environment until it is developed.EncapsuliteT40,ND 75 fiter sleeves positioned at least 2 meters from the surface of the film.

      HR-633/650 and 670 Film is available in all  standard sheets,rolls,sizes and packaging to match the needs of imagesetters/recorders/scanners on the market.Film rolls can be supplied either as darkroom or Daylight Loading.