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Industrial X-ray Film
    Hua Tian Fu INDUSTREX AA400 industrial detection film the applicable scope of the extremely extensive, can be used in various industrial fields. Can be used for many film photography or single film photography technology-ray direct exposure or are used together with the screen. The most important is, AA400 film using kodak patent T particle technology, and to make the emulsion performance promoted further.


    AA400 film is ASTM E 1815 96 authentication of the type II film, with speed, high contrast, fine grain characteristics. At the same time, it has excellent resistance to scratch, high temperature resistant, resistant to moisture and antistatic properties-whether you are in the work environment, what you always can easily gain needed images.

Before Scanning:
    AA400 film can be in a large range of manual or automatic flush in the wash, and love can be compared to the exposure of hairspray, appropriate reduced by 5% ~ 10% or not to change; Development and to fully, built to negotiate with the finger use high contrast of conductive powder or TaoYao show. Need special note: dark room process after the kodak film is warm color, and love can hair film slightly yellowish, this is compared to the characteristics of the kodak film, not its shortcomings. In view of the light observation, has the very good clarity and sensitivity