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Exposure control 

    HR-7 complies to scanner equipped with red laser.The correct exposure intensity setting will vary according to processing conditions and the type of machine used. It should adjust according to actual testing result .


Features line edge, the image transfer result is better.

2.with the advanced technology of encapsulation for 7 mil polyester base,this has increased the stability of film sizes and reduces the error of expanding and shrinking efficiently.

3.anti-abrasion surface help to prevent the film from hurting of scratching and attrition during use, it makes the service life of film even more longer.

4.out standing developing latitude makes the width of line to be easier to control.

5.the stability of developing makes processing procedure to be more smooth.

6.the penetrating level of UV light is very high in the non image section.

7.the permanent anti static protecting layer makes the film base owns functions of anti dust and anti pollution so as to reduce problems caused by pollution.8.the density is particularly high on block of images, this has avoid to be "penentrate"and makes better result of image transfer.
Safe light               
HR-7 comply with work under the safe light of blue/green(cyan),style number as follows;

EncapSulite T20/ND 1.05 safelights
Illuminstion Technology BG dsafelight

(1) the width of line would enlarge 0.02u per 2°C of the tem perature of developing liquid increase.
(2) the width of line would enlarge 0.1u if the exposure value increase 50 unit.